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Some Connections from our final class on June 7, 2012


  • Raising the status of teachers doesn't cost money
  • Solutions proposed were holistic - not siloed, create complete learning experience, not just what happens between teacher and student at school. Beyond academics, entrepreneurship, vocational - shifting ideas beyond formal/informal
  • Importance and possibilities of peer learning
  • We used the word "learning" in so many ways beyond the classroom, all knids of ways to make it relevant to real life
  • How might we use more resources in the community, more than just one teacher "teaching" to students - How might we build on the "It Takes a Village"
  • None of the challenges started with "$100 million" grant, always human capital co-created by community, technologoy can augment but these solutions were about engaging people 
  • We modeled new solutions off of existing ideas in the culture
  • How much we could get out of a 15 minute brainstorming session - came up with ideas good enough to share > Why not include communities in participatory design
  • Opportunity for all of us to learn from students of all ages - everyone has expertise, how do we showcase them as contributors not just consumers
  • every challenge had the idea that all students could be teachers 
  • Potential for making job/roles of teachers visible, change the status by making roles visible
  • Many of these ideas starting where we were > groups all did a good job of setting "where" > setting constraints really helped point towards ideas rather than stuck on the question  

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