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Final Project Description

Page history last edited by Dan Gilbert 11 years, 3 months ago

EDUC 333B Final project, 2012

Envisioning Solutions – Create a Design Challenge to Improve Learning for Girls

Instructors: Dan Gilbert, Ami Mehta

note: this is now The Project and replaces the earlier project description



The goal of the project is to have EDUC 333B students connect the learning, design, and business challenges we have explored with significant challenge facing 11-year old girls around the world while developing design and communication skills.



During this quarter we will have had 3 different clients present us with opportunities to impact learners around the world.  Now it is your turn. Your team is now the “client” eliciting creative ideas to support universal primary education for 11-year old girls around the world.   Each team has a specific challenge to use as a starting point: girls leaving school at puberty, girls constrained by family roles/expectations, girls overcoming the logistics of learning.


There are three components to this project:


1) Develop material that will help the audience understand the problem on which you’ve been working – this does not have to be a presentation, it has to be a way that we can understand the specific problem that girls face.


2) Create a small but specific design challenge that will yield ideas that you could potentially develop into actual products and processes that could offer solutions to your specific challenge


3) Guide the audience through an experience where they can communicate their ideas to meet the challenge. Be prepared to give quality feedback about the experience, products and processes to a wide audience with a variety of experiences in learning, design, innovation and business. This does not necessarily have to be a presentation, skit, protoype or visual - all things we have done in class.



Facilitate a 30-minute session on June 7 that will get a group of 20-30 people involved in generating innovative ideas to meet a specific challenge from your group.  You should also be ready to deliver valuable feedback in a compelling and supportive manner.  



- 5/24 Share first version of your project with class, get feedback from peers and instructors.


- 5/31 Share project update: report on what you have done since 5/24 and what you are thinking about for 6/7


- 6/7:  Present your design challenge at our final class; we will invite members of the community to attend. Be prepared to include a wide audience including entrepreneurs, development professionals, educators, and fellow students.


- 6/12:  All material due to instructors, please post to your group's project page on the wiki


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